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Tax Management Service

A key motivation for Bradley & Associates is covering off the worry that we have given our clients all the necessary options for tax saving.

This is why we invest our time and effort into providing our clients with all the options for not paying a penny more tax than they need to. Tax is complicated (and with each budget, getting even more so) but unless you have planned your tax and know your options, the chances are you will be overpaying tax.

Our tax management service covers all tax planning strategies for every possible type of tax, from the ultra safe to the very aggressive (the latter almost guaranteeing a tax investigation).

We can help you with identifying all the options to save money through a whole range of possibilities such as:

  • Tax efficient remuneration packages
  • Dividend planning
  • Group and Company share structures
  • EBTs (Employment Benefit Trusts)and the latest in advanced tax strategies
  • Research & Development  tax credits
  • Tax credits
  • Company car planning

Our tax management service is separate to our compliance service which gives us a real opportunity to focus in on our client’s tax affairs in order to give advice that saves money.