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Here at Bradley & Associates, Chartered Certified Accountants, we basically do 3 things:

 Accountancy, Book-keeping & Tax compliance

 This is the stuff that you really don’t want to do but has to be done right – year end accounts, tax returns, VAT and book-keeping returns.

We enjoy doing this, so don’t waste time on it – give it to us so you can concentrate your time on growing your business. Not only will we have fun but we will also be able to communicate the numbers to you in a way that you, or those that need to examine them (Inland Revenue, etc), will understand. Find out more about this service

Tax Management

In today’s difficult economic climate if there is ever a time to ensure that you are paying the legal minimum of tax, it is now.

Our approach isn’t just to ask you for extra receipts to bring your profit down we will advise and work with you to produce detailed, thorough plans using some up to date tax to enable you not to pay any more tax than you need to. Find out more about this service

Financial Control service

This is truly an added value service and can make a major impact for our business clients. It involves regular management accounts with a high-level financial meeting with your Finance Director to ensure you are meeting your financial targets.

We also work with you to look at areas such as where you may be wasting cash and the financial effectiveness of your sales and marketing initiatives. As appropriate we will also advise on useful tools and reports such as benchmarking against other businesses in your industry that will add value. Find out more about this service