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Accountancy, Book-keeping and Tax Compliance Service

Our compliance service covers all the mandated detail that you absolutely NEED from your accountant: year end accounts, corporation tax return, payroll, annual return and personal tax return.

Where we are distinctly different to many accountants is that we will contact you before your year-end has happened, getting an understanding of where you are and then completing your accounts as soon as possible after the year end.

Our reason for this?

The quicker we complete the year end accounts, the faster you know what your tax liability is, which means that you can plan payment months in advance.

We give exactly the same fast service with personal tax returns.

Does this ‘good news, bad news’ story sound familiar to you? When we started Bradley & Associates, we had a number of clients handing in their records late.  The good news was that we always completed their tax return on time; the bad news was that often our clients had a large tax bill and only had days to pay it.

This is why we operate a NO SURPRISES service for you.  Making sure we have completed everything to the time schedule we have agreed with you gives you a real heads up of your future tax bills.

So if you are looking for an accountant who will passively let you drift and not hold you accountable for providing your information – we are not for you!  If you want a proactive accountant who will take the lead on deadlines to ensure you know what you need to pay – we are for you.